Many congratulations, William, on your momentous EFI. That is an amazing achievement, especially as it was such an extremely challenging route. WELL DONE. See you tomorrow. Love, Mom

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I have money for the taxi. Noreen left a comment. Not nice to be ill while travelling. Hope you do feel better tomorrow. Yes, the tour sounds as if it was very successful and you will both have great memories. Hope you have a good flight tomorrow and look forward to seeing you then. Love, Mom

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i have not enough to pay the taxi man.We may be able use atm at Cape town.750 rand.
we had good flight to Amsterdam anw william manage to ge moved to a single seat so I could stretch out a bit.Should be better in 24 hours but still have high fever 102.3 last check.It was a great trip really and William is pleased with his travels and overall performance. one of only 3 to ride the whole thing.I had my moments to and only got indisposed after the finish.We leave for Cape Town 9.25 tomorrow morning.

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I just looked at the blog by chance and found 2 messages from you. They were not there earlier. Your Finale in Belize sounds memorable and I`m glad you all had a good time. You are in Amsterdam now and I`m so glad you have a hotel to stay in because it is a horribly long wait there. So sorry to hear that you are not well, Gavin. Not good. Hope you will feel a bit better tomorrow. I know you will both be pretty exhausted when you finally arrive here and dont worry, there will be no Christmas Dinner to face on that day! Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow. I have confirmed with Chris that he is to fetch you at the Airport tomorrow night. Love, Mom

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Our Journey Home

On 22 December Dad and I took a ferry to Caye Caulker Island which is about a 50 minute boat trip from Belize City. There is quite a relaxed atmosphere there and we went to a restaurant and actually met 3 other TDA cyclists there. Then it was rest up and prepare for the 2 day journey home.

We flew from Belize City to Atlanta on Delta Airways and then waited at the airport for 5 hours for our connecting flight to Amsterdam on KLM. Since our flight to Cape Town is only at 09:25am tomorrow, Dutch time, we have checked into an airport hotel for today and tonight. Unfortunately Dad is not feeling well although he did sleep on the plane to Amsterdam but has a fever and flu and will need time to recover. He is not eating and will only eat moderately he says when we arrive in Cape Town International Airport at 21:45pm S.A. time. Not to worry, he has a good bed now until we board at 07:55am tomorrow morning.

Thank you Andrew for your comment and I would recommend Tour D’ Afrique, the Doomsday Ride expedition company. It would be a pleasure to cycle with you and TDA is planning a trip from Alaska to Mexico City sometime soon if you are interested.

Christmas greetings to all

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The End of One World and the Beginning of Another

After a wonderful evening at the Chateau Carribean Hotel in Belize City on 20 December, it was the boat trip for Dad and a 128km cycle for me to Laminai Temple north of Belize City. It was a fairly boring 84km on a paved road and then we turned left onto an unpaved road. The unpaved road was much better with more interesting things to see.

I must tell you that in Belize there are a sect of people called the Mennonites who also live in Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico and they travel in horsecarts with old-fashioned clothing similar to the dress and lifestyle to the Amish people in U.S.A. It was very interesting to observe this culture and also to traverse well-managed crop farms. We cycled 44km on this unpaved road until we reached Laminai around 2pm. Actually only 5 people including myself cycled on this Doomsday plus 3 staff while the rest either took the boat to Laminai or did not come to this final destination.

We all walked around the temples which are situated next to a river in jungle and consist of tall Mayan pyramid-style buildings. Then at 4pm we had a photograph shoot at the Jaguar Temple and proceeded to have dinner and rum. After dinner however we bundled ourselves into a bus and travelled for over 3 hours back to Belize City to our our hotel and this journey was tough except for seasoned partygoers who revelled with alcohol intake on the bus. But I will remember the day very well because I achieved E.F.I. which means I cycled every f****** inch of the 28 stages. There were only 3 of us I think who got E.F.I.

The end of a journey and the beginning of a new one I hope. We scaled the mountains, crossed a river in full flow and on the first day made it through torrential rainfall. All for the sake of creating everlasting memories I hope.

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