The End of One World and the Beginning of Another

After a wonderful evening at the Chateau Carribean Hotel in Belize City on 20 December, it was the boat trip for Dad and a 128km cycle for me to Laminai Temple north of Belize City. It was a fairly boring 84km on a paved road and then we turned left onto an unpaved road. The unpaved road was much better with more interesting things to see.

I must tell you that in Belize there are a sect of people called the Mennonites who also live in Canada, U.S.A. and Mexico and they travel in horsecarts with old-fashioned clothing similar to the dress and lifestyle to the Amish people in U.S.A. It was very interesting to observe this culture and also to traverse well-managed crop farms. We cycled 44km on this unpaved road until we reached Laminai around 2pm. Actually only 5 people including myself cycled on this Doomsday plus 3 staff while the rest either took the boat to Laminai or did not come to this final destination.

We all walked around the temples which are situated next to a river in jungle and consist of tall Mayan pyramid-style buildings. Then at 4pm we had a photograph shoot at the Jaguar Temple and proceeded to have dinner and rum. After dinner however we bundled ourselves into a bus and travelled for over 3 hours back to Belize City to our our hotel and this journey was tough except for seasoned partygoers who revelled with alcohol intake on the bus. But I will remember the day very well because I achieved E.F.I. which means I cycled every f****** inch of the 28 stages. There were only 3 of us I think who got E.F.I.

The end of a journey and the beginning of a new one I hope. We scaled the mountains, crossed a river in full flow and on the first day made it through torrential rainfall. All for the sake of creating everlasting memories I hope.

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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