Our Journey Home

On 22 December Dad and I took a ferry to Caye Caulker Island which is about a 50 minute boat trip from Belize City. There is quite a relaxed atmosphere there and we went to a restaurant and actually met 3 other TDA cyclists there. Then it was rest up and prepare for the 2 day journey home.

We flew from Belize City to Atlanta on Delta Airways and then waited at the airport for 5 hours for our connecting flight to Amsterdam on KLM. Since our flight to Cape Town is only at 09:25am tomorrow, Dutch time, we have checked into an airport hotel for today and tonight. Unfortunately Dad is not feeling well although he did sleep on the plane to Amsterdam but has a fever and flu and will need time to recover. He is not eating and will only eat moderately he says when we arrive in Cape Town International Airport at 21:45pm S.A. time. Not to worry, he has a good bed now until we board at 07:55am tomorrow morning.

Thank you Andrew for your comment and I would recommend Tour D’ Afrique, the Doomsday Ride expedition company. It would be a pleasure to cycle with you and TDA is planning a trip from Alaska to Mexico City sometime soon if you are interested.

Christmas greetings to all

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2 Responses to Our Journey Home

  1. wggreig says:

    Noreen here…. so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, Gavin. what a way to end such an eoic voyage. Let’s hope whatever you have goes away quickly. William, I am really going to miss your outstanding almost daily Blogs. You have done a superb job and I can see a whole new future for you what with your brilliant exam results and this hidden journalistic style writing talent.

    Merry Christmas to all your family. Joe and I are looking forward to our first Christmas together while Andrew and family are in Argentina followed by Chile (may be the other way around!) and Robert and family are in Alberta. Love, Noreen

  2. wggreig says:

    Of course, I mean ePic voyage! Noreen

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