Thanks for extra news

Good to get the extra update, Dad.  It must be very difficult with the language.  Thea said that your Latin would help with the Spanish! Very good to hear how well you are doing, William.  It will be great if the cycling is not so brutal as you go on.  All the best for the next stage.  I am going to St Georges Cathedral tomorrow to Richard Kock`s concert.  ( it was at Bishops last year.)  Sybil is singing again and I am going with Sharon, Renee and Swang, who is driving.  All for now. Love, Mom

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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One Response to Thanks for extra news

  1. wggreig says:

    I am completely up to date with all the Blogs, William’s, Anne’s, Gavin’s and Julie’s, however, I am behind with my responses/comments. I suppose this is obvious! Anyway, this is a great way to keep in touch with family activities. Joe and I recently returned from two weeks in Ontario and Alberta staying with lots of friends, here and there. Forgive me if I have told you this already. Anyway, the end result for me was total exhaustion hence I am behind with everything. My back operation is scheduled for January 2nd. To be without this chronic pain and complete lack of energy will be amazing if all goes as it is supposed to.

    We – being Joe, Sophie and myself – are about to go shopping so I will have to stop but not before telling you how much I enjoy hearing about your activities, especially William’s birthday gathering, the people whom you are cycling with, the terrain and the challenges you are both overcoming. Well done, both of you! Noreen

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