Good News

I have recently discovered that I have passed all four of my UNISA subjects with one distinction and I passed one subject because of a high year mark due to assignment results.

This will do for me and when I get back to Cape Town, I must sign up for more subjects for the 2013 academic year.

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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One Response to Good News

  1. Margaret says:

    FANTASTIC William!!!!! This is the most wonderful news!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you. You are a complete STAR!
    Your blog is superb and I have been following it avidly. The two of you have been doing amazingly well and we are all so impressed. Keep it up – only 5 days left ’til Doomsday. Wow!
    So sorry that I can’t write more – have very little time as I am very busy at SANCCOB. Over 200 abandoned penguin chicks have been admitted. Very short staffed and few volunteers (Xmas holidays) – so I leave before 7am and return about 8pm.
    Good luck Gavin and William. Enjoy the last few gruelling days.
    Much love, Margaret

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