Today,another off day.And we need it.Last 2 days have been sleep,cycle eat and we did over 5000 metres climbing.William leads our little group and finds the route unerringly.Yesterday,we split up at 2pm as I thought I would not make it on the final 800 metre dirt road climb over 20 k.In the end I did make it.William is one of only 7 who have cycled without breaks from costa Rica.We have had some adversity as to be expected on a trip like this which is certainly not entry level,but we have overcome all setbacks.I had 2 days when I could not ride after my fall due to an effusion on the knee which would not bend.I did a lot of physio on steps.We have seen a lot and done a lot and we are with a great bunch of people.As before said William is doing great and has recovere from a gastro upset which most have had .We look forward to easier days ahead as we descend to the lowlands and Tikal.Hope all is well.This trip exceeds all expectations.Dad

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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