Yes,well done William.We have just returned from shopping expedition to nearby town in order to get a nailbrush and new battery for my watch.Successful.We were with a canadian lady who owns a hotel on Lake Eyrie.We did our weights and I was down a lot and William less.We will just rest now.Weather is cool here but we are over 4000 feet altitude.No rain for 2 weeks now.Bikes were in a filthy state after yesterdays ride but William has cleaned them.We have had 8 punctures so far,4 each.We look forward to the next objective Tikal where there are more Mayan ruins.It will take 3 days riding but not so intense as recently.I wonder if Noreen is having back operation yetGood luck anyway.My injuries are doing well and my only real problem is the old shoulder and neck spasms during riding.William has no complaints.Dad
Ps Here we have free use of a hotel computer but this is often as not so,We now have 7 Americans,7 Canadians,5 south Africans,1 French and 1 German and 2 Dutch.William will agree that the biggest communication problem we have is our lack of much spanish.Believe it or not just about nobody speaks a word of english where we travel.for instance we would like to have purchased a sim card for our cell phones and tried a few places.It was just not possible.but William is turning into a bit of a linguist and has picked up a smattering of spanish,so we struggle through.Dad

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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