Happy Birthday William!

Dear William,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for today! Hope you have a good day out on the bike and that the riding perhaps gets a little bit easier.

Your blog is awesome to read William and Dad. A wonderful way to keep us all updated as well as being a great reminder of the trip for you both as well.

Sorry to hear about your fall and injury Dad. Hope your knee gets better quickly and that you will be able to ride again soon. I can’t help but think that you may have needed a rest anyway. Maybe the fall was the way to force it. Never nice though and very disappointing and frustrating I’m sure.

Bought some new running shoes today so hopefully that will help the legs. Achilles and calves too tight to run or even to walk much at the moment. Have light shoes now and have been instructed to go and have a series of leg massages to try to loosen the muscles.

Did a 20km mountain bike race yesterday at Summerveld which was fun. Nice route through the sugar cane that was not too technical. Mike did a 15km run first so he was a bit tired but enjoyed it all the same I think!!

No other news from my side. Looking forward to reading more of your blog posts and I am still jealous of all your adventures even if though I realise how tough it is!!

Don’t forget to try to enjoy it all :-).

With love
Julie and Mike

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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