Thank you for amazing account of your experiences

William, how on earth do you manage to write so well when you must be physically and mentally exhausted as Mum also pointed out. As I told you in my message or comment yesterday, we are still in Ontario, right now, staying with Joe’s son, Jeff and his wife, Marissa. Next we go to Calgary where we wil meet up with Robert and his daughter, Elizabeth then stay overnight in Canmore with Andrew and family. Finally we return to Victoria on the 4th. Sophie, my daschund, is staying with a friend – I am really looking forward to her return.

Yesterday, Marissa was hosting a party for her staff at the hospital where she works so we took ourselves off to a shopping mall and had a look at the Apple store with a view to upgrading our computer equipment. Next we went to a Movie Theatre and saw “Lincoln” followed by the latest Bond movie. Don’t think I have ever seen two prime movies back to back but both were very good. Unfortunately my knowledge of American history is rather poor so al lot of “Lincoln” was over my head. The Bond movie was great and a third of it took place in Scotland.

Probably you are rested by now and preparing for the next gruelling stage of this trip. Just think how proud Grandad would have been of you both. After all, you are “Greigs”, ha, ha, and it is in the genes to do crazy things at times!! Remember, you never give up!!

Again, thinking of you and proudly telling all our friends what you are up to. People are amazed and very interested in how you are doing. Hopefully, obtaining a little oil will set you on your way  with renewed energy and a spark or two to keep your spirits up. Noreen and Joe.

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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