Sunshine and Beach Bathing

I can now say that I have swum in the Pacific Ocean.  And it was warm.  I mean at least 23 degrees Celsius.  We are staying in San Juan del Sur in south-western Nicaragua.  Our hotel room has a brilliant view of the bay and the beach restaurants.

Last night was our last night in Costa Rica and it was a fairly quiet evening for Dad and I.  The cycle today consisted of 60km of fairly comfortable riding.  We arrived at the border after 19km and as usual at border posts, there was the usual drama.  The Costa Rican side was OK but at the Nicaraguan side we missed paying $12 which is compulsory for entering Nicaragua.  We had already paid $1 each out a total of the mandatory $13 each but due to missing a particular counter, we also did not get our passports stamped which meant we could not get through the final checkpoint.  Back we went.  Us being the only cyclists making this mistake and in the process draining our energy.  Promptly we took a coke stop just after the border.

Due to the fun and games with the Tour d’ Afrique trucks, there was no lunch stop.  I think one of the trucks had a mechanical problem and there was a problem with the designated route due to flooding causing us to have to take an alternative route.  However we made rapid progress to our destination and we arrived at 12:30pm taking 5h30min including the border stop and 2 cooldrink stops to reach San Juan del Sur which is situated on the Pacific Ocean.  Then.

Guess what.  Power cut strikes the town.  Nicaragua is most definitely more third world than Costa Rica and we came across our first beggar since Cape Town at the Nicaraguan border.  She was a lady assisting an adult dwarf.  The dwarf laughed at us at the counter but Dad didn’t seem to mind.  Tour d’ Afrique organised someone to look after our bikes on the Nicaraguan side of the border, so the dwarf’s friends could not take off with the bikes!

Now we our lapping up the beach life having walked around town.  Another day of cycling beckons tomorrow.  I think we will manage fine.

Keep well and happy birthday again to Aunty Noreen.

Au revoir



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