Horseriding Safari

This was a day of rest and recuperation.  I can tell you that Dad and I went horse riding and although we were nervous, we managed to canter at a good speed.  It was beautiful being on a horse again especially once I got some confidence and I even managed to have a race with the horse riding guide.  We rode through the jungle and alongside Lake Arenal situated next to the volcano.  There was no fire erupting from the volcano but there was fire in the horses’ cantering stride.  Such beauty we experienced in three hours of riding.

This afternoon we went on a guided tour of our accommodation resort, Rancho Margot.  There is hardly a better resort with regard to environmental consciousness.  Almost all food sold in the restaurant is produced on this property including cheese obtained from goats, pork and other dairy products.  This truly is an eco-friendly resort that aims to maximise the utilisation of the natural resources such as compost used for heating water for showering and electricity produced using turbines that operate as a result of water transferred through pipes from fast flowing streams.  Here is quite an extraordinary example of sustainable energy production. 

Finally the break from cycling is almost over as tomorrow we tackle river crossings and a 55km dirt road that could be harder than anything I have cycled through before.  We have approximately 10 hours to cycle the full 85km.  I don’t know what state I will be in tomorrow after the ride but all riders will certainly feel a strong sense of camaraderie in helping each other when riding in groups.

Thank you for for viewing and posting on the blog and for the compliments and I hope to give you a good idea about the greater journey discovery and the dynamics of this expedition.




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