Thrilled to be able to follow your adventures!

William, just in case you don’t already know this you are a wonderful writer and I could see you getting into journalism in a big way. You have a real knack for expressing yourself, for example the horrible conditions you experienced yesterday, the fact that you cycled past the hotel because you couldn’t see through your glasses due to the terrible rain, the need for stamina and concentration, the waterfall and on and on….

Joe and I truly hope that things are going better for you both today. We got out a map of where you are and studied the route to Belize last night, full of admiration for what you are undertaking. Of course, I have told all my friends! 

Not only is it exciting reading about your experiences but also, it is great to feel closer to the family, Mom and Julie, I mean. I love to read their entires, too.

This morning which, unlike the storm that is blowing this afternoon, was sunny and relatively warm, I took myself to Government House to take more photos. A small photographic group is recording the monthly changes in the Gardens and publishing  a limited number in the monthly Newsletter. Last month I had six of my submissions chosen which I was thrilled about!. I am in the process of changing my camera to something newer, not sure whether to get a Pentax K30 which is a DSLR or switch to what is called a bridge camera with no exchangeable lenses. Within the latter category of ‘bridge’ cameras there are two possibilities, a Panasonic FZ200 or a Fujifilm XS1, both highly rated.

Enough about me! Take care, get as much rest as possible and enjoy yourselves. An experience like yesterday’s must surely bring the group closer together. Love, Noreen

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age 72 cyclist and runner
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