Life in theJungle

Hi everyone. Today was far easier.  Normal rise and shine with breakfast at 6am.  Began cycling before 7am.  I cycled with Dad for the whole day and gave him support.

We passed the Arenal Volcano which apparently erupted two years ago and is therefore active.  We took photographs of the volcano and at one point we cycled on a bridge over a river and took, hopefully, a beautiful photograph of the rushing torrent with the volcano in the background.

Dad and I took it easy for the whole day with two coke stops and a scheduled lunch stop while cycling a total distance of approximately 77km.  The jungle is very impressive and is full of life.  Dad took a photograph of a buzzard while flying and we also saw a strange animal with a long snout and a long tail.

I must tell you that Dad got stung by a wasp that was sitting on the top of his beer while he was drinking it at Rancho Margot, tonight’s overnight stopover.  This was really funny.  We are staying at the Arenal Lake below the volcano in a spacious bungalow.  It was originally planned that we would stay in a bunkhouse but Dad didn”t fancy this option and so he paid extra for us to stay in a bungalow.

Tomorrow is a rest day and there seems to be plenty to do here.  We will probably do a guided tour of the resort and do a horseback ride.  Fancy me on horseback riding through a river!  We will be be able to relax tonight and tomorrow and be prepared for the expedition ahead.

What an adventure!  Right at this instance I am being attacked by mosquitoes.  To summarise the activities of today, I can say that there are many different zones in relation to time spent on the saddle.  Passive continuity can turn into pain and fatigue.  However the central feeling ought to be admiration for the natural environment and the livelihoods of people we pass along the roadside.

The South African contingent is strong in this expedition but there is plenty socialising taking place between different groups.  Altogether it is an experience of tropical intensity and propensity of exotic cultures.  Hope the reading is good.



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One Response to Life in theJungle

  1. wggreig says:

    Wow! Your trip sounds awesome even if the cycling sounds like it is tough. I hope that the adventure and scenery is making the cycling less painful – especially on those mountains and in the pouring rain. I am thouroughly jealous!!

    Thank you for keeping us updated through the blog. It is great to be able to keep up with where you are and what you are doing. I am also following the route on the Tour D’Afrique website which is great.


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