Tropical Paradise

Dad and I went out for a fantastic meal last night at an authentic Italian restaurant with two Dutch Tour d´ Afrique riders.  They were father and son and the father was the 77 year old Dutchman that Dad tried to e-mail from South Africa.  His son was 50 years old and he looks like a good cyclist.

Things were a bit crazy last night after we had gone to bed.  Robin from Cape Town who is doing the trip knocked on the door at 10 o´clock last night according to my Dad.  Apparently I was awake but I can´t remember.  Robin may have been a little disorientated after having only just arrived at San Jose Airport late that evening.  Dad opened the door and no sooner than he had arrived, he suddenly left the room according to Dad.  Thereafter Dad got little sleep during the rest of the night due perhaps due to this disturbance.

The morning arrived as usual with breakfast at 7am where the food was awesome.  I must be more careful deciding what to eat before cycling days.  Cereal and an omelette should do the trick.

Dad could not find his wallet after breakfast and he got into a huff.  Panic set in but after ten minutes or so he found his wallet under his bag.  What a relief.  He had all his credit cards in the wallet.

Our mission for the morning was to change money.  We had to trek to the “CBD” taking twenty minutes to look for banks.  First we went to a cathedral in the CBD where I prayed and believe it or not Dad counted his money like the people in the old testament did against religious principles!

We went into one bank, Scotia Bank, which is a Canadian bank and when we got to the cashier counter, I was told by security that only one person could stand at the counter at one time.  There must be banditos like in Mexico in this part of the world.

On the walk back to the hotel we stopped and I prayed at another cathedral.  Actually in the first cathedral the priest was receiving confessions which I have never seen before.  In the second cathedral there was a lady praying in front of a statue of Jesus Christ almost as if worshipping an idol.  We then stopped for refreshment at our favourite cafe, Soda Isabel, and had lunch.

Now we are back at the hotel waiting for the briefing at 2pm which could go on for a while if people ask questions.  After the briefing I would like to go back into the city and take photographs because I only started using my camera today and I want to photograph the small parks, cathedrals and buildings.  Although it is time now to relax.


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