Walking through the Streets of San Jose

Dad and I had a good start today.  All because of a massive carbohydrate breakfast from a collection of rolls, bread slices and pastries.  Everyone tucked into breakfast and we were joined by squirrels who waited for the chefs to feed them crumbs next to our breakfast tables.  We also spoke to a man from Arizona who explained to us the history of his state and how Arizona was bought by U.S.A. from Mexico.

Then we went on a mission to find a bicycle shop in the “CBD” of San Jose.  We discovered yesterday that my bicycle pump was not working anymore.  I can tell you that trying to find directions from the locals for anywhere is nearly impossible if you don´t understand Spanish.  Eventually I worked out that we needed to ask “Busque una tienda de bicicleta.”  Eventually someone told us to walk to the other end of the CBD which we did and we bought a bicycle pump.

On the way back from the bicycle shop we saw a street protest qwith people carrying banners and police walking around.  The protest seemed peaceful as opposed to being destructive.  We then came across a cathedral where I found a chance to have some quiet time.  On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a cafe before returning to the hotel where I had a siesta.  It is quite hot here during the day and you have to be careful when you are walking around because of traffic.

In the afternoon we went for another walk to a sports park and then we went we stopped to look at Saint Theresa Cathedral which is all white and is one of the nearest landmarks to our hotel along with a university.

We are now braced for dinner as we have not eaten since breakfast apart from chocolate.  No surprise that we have eaten all 4 mini slabs of chocolate that we bought yesterday.

The bicycle mechanic for Tour d´ Afrique, Luke, has arrived and inspected our bicycles.  There is a bit of rubbing on the disc brake in my back wheel but it should come right while riding.

We are ready to rock the roads of Central America and take on each ascent with gusto after taking it easy over the last two days.  Looking around San Jose one can see plenty of mountains so it looks like the route could be challenging.  It´s “All Spanish on the Western Front” with a significant language barrier.  Although the group of cyclists on the Tour d´ Afrique trip are all friendly which makes it easier and so there should be a good spirit in the camp.

Thank you Noreen and Mom for reading and responding on the blog site.  I hope to give you lots to read.



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