Eating out in San Jose

Food is the only source of energy after a rough day in transit and during preparation.  Dad and I found Soda Isabel, a small cafe, and treated ourselves to Costa Rican hospitality, a speciality of burger and chips.  Since then Dad has taken my advice regarding DIY and has wound tape around two adaptors in order to charge his cell phone. 

No doubt we each need our batteries charged tonight which won´t be a problem with 4 mini-slabs of chocolate to share between ourselves.  Then tomorrow I think the Tour d’ áfrique bike mechanic arrives to do bike inspections.  More news tomorrow.


About wggreig

age 72 cyclist and runner
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One Response to Eating out in San Jose

  1. wggreig says:

    Got both your messages. Glad to hear that Dad is taking your advice, William, about wrapping tape around your adaptors! Have a good night’s sleep. Night, night and love, Noreen

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